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Ulta Beauty, Inc. formerly known as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. is an American chain of beauty stores in the United States, headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Ulta Beauty carries cosmetics and skincare brands, men's and women's fragrances, nail products, bath and body products, beauty tools and haircare products. Each store is also equipped with a salon, Benefit brow bar and Dermalogica skin bar. Ulta Beauty currently has 1,196 stores across all 50 states.

An angry customer they lost said this in a review "I am beyond words with my SECOND bad experience with Ulta Beauty store. I purchased L’Oréal Mascara, the sticker posted buy one get one 1/2 off regular price $8.99. The price rings up $11.99 with half off the 2nd one. This is not the first time that Ulta increases the price of the product to make you think you’re getting a great sale but you are not! Buyers beware with shopping here. Not a good business practice at all. Canceled for me, and if you don’t want to be out money, cancel them too".


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Clinique Counter Manager (Former Employee) says

"Thiss company brainwashes people to strive for jobs they will never have. Theres no way you can make more than 18 dollars an hour at this retail hole of despair.nothingeverything. cult."

Beauty Advisor/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"So many bad things I could put on here, but not enough room.I got called into the office and they took my days away from me at work because I didn't know how to do plantigram. They even said it was their fault but docked my hours for not teaching me at all. They also made me work all of the truck days and mind you they didn't turn on the air until ten. No matter what we said about the air it never was an issue. Most of my coworkers left the bad and ruined products for me to sort. I never had enough time to get things done so we'd work so hard and be pounded to get it done. And especially after bottles of hair product were ruined in boxes for me to clean up. Favoritism to the max. Bullying. They made us move everything in the cramped store from out of the stock room and into sorting piles, then back into the stockroom after we opened. Customers would walk around in boxes. These were heavy boxes full of haircare. I would not work here if you can't bend down and or lift heavy weights. The managers were terrible. Up to 9 hours on my feet with one thirty minute break not even kidding you. Also used product would go back on the shelves without being cleaned or checked. Used prodcuts without being cleaned also would go into discount in the store. Some of us were never taught anything and if something new came up we had to figure it out ourselves. Never told us about any of the products or got samples in the store to get to know what was in our store so customers got frustrated at us for us not knowing about things. We didn't get time to play around with makeup or see where thingsOne time Two Faced reps came in and i got a little goodie bag, And second helping older ladiesShort breaks, No water allowed on floor, Bullying, Poor function overall of store, Product cleanliness was bad, And so much more."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work, you are nothing but a number. Unloading the trucks and stocking the shelves extremely hard work and greatly underpaid. Then you will find yourself destroying perfectly good products and dumping them in the trash which is completely dangerous and ridiculous. But you are ordered to do so.Terrible management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was hired to be a cashier and stock shelves. I worked part-time at Ulta and part-time at another store. The other store and Ulta were both accommodating to my scheduling needs. I made $8.05/hr at the time, which was minimum wage. I got ~10 hours a week.I was given very little training and I was constantly calling the managers to ask questions. They got frustrated with me for that, even though I could not help customers or do my job without these answers. Most of my coworkers were kind to me, and helped fill in the gaps in my training. A few others were standoffish and sometimes rude.For three weeks before I was let go, I kept calling the store to ask for my work schedule. For those three weeks I was not put on the schedule at all, and was told there weren't enough hours for everyone. At the end of those three weeks, the assistant manager told me over the phone that I was "not needed anymore." No idea if I was fired or just laid off. Avoid this company if you can. Flexble hours, mostly nice people to work withImmature and unprofessional management, little training, not enough hours."

Beauty Advisor/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceUlta Beauty scheduled me for long and arduous shifts where I would be tasked with multiple large jobs at once while managers sat in the back room and drank Starbucks.● Pay & benefitsThis company hasn’t learned that higher pay equates to higher quality workers. I was a full-time, college-educated associate who made barely $8.75 an hour. In today’s job climate, coupled with my responsibilities, this is absolutely unacceptable.● Job security and advancementI was not trained and job security was virtually nonexistent. Managers fired hard working employees who worked at 5 am because they were just a few minutes late, and evidence of advancement was negligible.● ManagementManagement was laughable. I worked at two separate locations in two different regions and in both cases, management was destructive to the work environment, and I’d argue that they were responsible for high turnover rates. I worked at store 112 and 721 and in both cases management was selfish and lazy. Store 112’s management left 96% of tasking to beauty advisors while they sat in the back and gossiped about plans the night before. At store 721, management made me feel excluded to the point where I would cry in my car after shifts. The GM was rude beyond compare and other managers were less than compassionate.● CultureUlta focuses a lot on culture and I believe they are a top-ranked place for female work environment. As a former associate, I couldn’t tell you how this was quantified. If Ulta is a great place to work as a female, then our standards as women are far too low. I was treated"

Skin Therapist (Former Employee) says

"Being a manager this has been this worst experience. From trying to lie getting you into the system they lie about positions, rate of pay, and even break DORA rules. The theft is awful and management does nothing / does not communicate. If you want to deal with a awful company with points they don’t tell you about and trust me when I say managers sit in the back and make everyone else deal with customers and be on the floor. Worst retail job yet."

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"At the beginning it was great besides being told on my interview day there’s tons of drama and those people were trying to be weeded out. Working there was fun at first I was learning more about cosmetics and skin care. I met a lot of awesome people while being there but the main issue was the management. I get they were still fairly new to the position but they had abused their authority in many ways. Either it was being very late to getting their nails done while on the clock to constantly going out to get a drink. Never knew the sales floor so it wasn’t worth asking them for help. Being my third job I have a high amount of management experience I also applied to every position they had offered but I ended up as just a cashier or “beauty adviser” was hired January then around late March we closed the store due to Covid-19 coming back early June only for me to put my two weeks in today. I asked multiple times what it would take to be given an opportunity to become higher management but was constantly overlooked and brushed away. Thought about transferring to a different Ulta with in mind they told me I’d easily get a management position with my experience. Recently another manager was out for almost two weeks while the general manager took a four day off in a row knowing how understaffed we are. I worked diligently all week long only to remind myself I’m just a cashier why am I doing the higher ups tasks. Asked about pay all I was told it was out of their hand on how much I get paid. That also managing a different company isn’t good enough for Ulta. I’m exhausted from the politicalDiscountsAwful management, heavy workload, difficulties moving up"

Beauty Advisor/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Bad managers. Ask for too much for such a small pay. Constantly micromanaging. I was always told to work smarter not harder, but whenever I did things that were “smarter” for me, they would stop me and make me do things in whatever way they wanted me to, even if it wasn’t as efficient in my own working style. NothingManagers, pay, benefits"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The Management is not good at all gossip to much they have they favorite’s if your not one of them you want get that many hours. Staff is great and friendly just poor Management"

Beauty Advisor, Lead Cashier (Former Employee) says

"They don’t pay enough, or fairly. They will try to give you the bare minimum in every aspect. Please don’t waste your time there unless you absolutely need a job. Seek somewhere more reliable and a company that cares about their employees."

Ulta Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"They treat everyone horribly and always had a pregnant girl on truck duty (lifting heavy boxes) when she could've been a cashier. They always had us staying hours after our shifts NoneShort breaks sometimes no breaks"

Esthetician (Former Employee) says

"Was bullied by management until I was forced to quit. This company is nothing but mean ladies who live to cause drama. You will have no support system. On top of that you don’t get paid enough."

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"This was the most disgusting company I had ever worked for. The humiliation they put you through just for a minimum wage is horrible. I would cry and stress out just from having to deal with management alone and how poorly they treated you. This company seems to love hiring a certain type of manager that isn't afraid to crack the whip and humiliate them on a daily basis. I caution everyone I meet to never work here. It is a true nightmare and there are absolutely no incentives. They treat you horribly and don't care about you at all. Please seek jobs elsewhere because it is not worth wasting you time here. I'm surprised I put up with them for a long time but finally got the courage to leave. It was like being trapped in an abusive and toxic relationship. Absolutely NothingEverything here was horrible"

Merchandising Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was a merchandising manager at one of the Ultas here in Iowa. Never had a worst experience working at a place in my life. We always got looked down on. Everything we did was never good enough. They engraved it into the employees heads that we were always replaceable and they could find someone better. So of course why would we take pride in our job when it wouldn’t get acknowledged anyways. Made us stay later than the shift was required. Got overwhelmed and overworked. I don’t have a problem with the business and what it stands for. I love the products and the rewards. But where I worked and who I worked with was miserable and didn’t deserve my time and effort into the place. I lost a lot of weight and wasn’t able to get pregnant cause of the stress I was under. It was too much to handle and they expected to much of you for the pay you got and the pay wasn’t even great. Sometimes we would get off work from from what was supposed to be an evening shift at 4am and they would expect you back at 6am for your morning shift. The boss at one point had even confronted me and asked me if I was on drugs or had short term memory loss. Definitely didn’t appreciate that. Everyone else’s experience with the company I worked for could of been different but this is how it was for me. Later on I found out the boss got fired for selling the products she bought online for a higher amount than the product was worth. So there was a lot of problems within the business. I hope other employees don’t have the same experience as I did.Rewards, discountsManagement, hrs, stress, bullying"

Lead Esthetician (Former Employee) says

"Management is given complete authority of all HR situations- Their open door policy is internal investigations only. They are corrupt and the lower level management is given the green light to play favorites and discriminate against associates that challenge them. GratisCompany values"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Doesnt matter if you did extra work or you stayed extra hours to help out if you werent friends with one of the managers you would be a BA your entire life there. Management sucks they do not help you out and you dont matter. All in all i enjoyed helping people and my duties as a Beauty advisor its a nice job if u want to work 4 hours a week. You learn alot about makeup and the discount is great but I honestly doubt you will ever move up in ulta unless you have previous manager experience and you start as a beauty advisor. Learn alot about makeup, customers are nice, coworkers are funManagement sucks, company could care less about its employees, no hours ever, if you have a limited availability they wont even make the effort to schedule you"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"management doesnt care about anyone or anything except for sales goals. it is very “clique-y” meaning you fit in or you get ignored/shunned. Don’t really have fun."

Hairstylist/Cosmetologist (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care about their employees. I do not recommend this salon to anyone. The general managers that come n go at this place never stay because this is a terrible company, a old general manager that used to work there said this whole company doesn't care about their workers at all. I can go on and on. oonand"

Merchandise Service Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Everything about Ulta sucks. Their pay. Their work ethics. Everything Ulta claims to represent is a complete lie. They work you to your core just pay you minimum wage. Its absolutely horrible."

Esthetician (Current Employee) says

"Working at Ulta beauty is good for those who want to be micromanaged and treated like a stocker. Even though you are a licensed individual they treat you like a lowly sales person."

Former Employee - Esthetician says

"I worked at Ulta Beauty full-time Cons: They do not care about you at all."

Current Employee - Merchandise Service Coordinator says

"I have been working at Ulta Beauty full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Ulta is one of the worst most toxic companies I’ve ever worked for. Especially my position. I am the lowest paid management wise but have one of the biggest workloads. The hours are terrible, policies are worse, corporate completely out of touch, absolutely no support, terrible COVID policies, you’re punished for not meeting credit numbers in a pandemic."

Former Employee - Esthetician says

"I worked at Ulta Beauty full-time Cons: They hadn’t had an esthetician for months before I had gotten there so there was no clientele. Job was mainly sales which I didn’t like, at all."

Current Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"I have been working at Ulta Beauty part-time for less than a year Cons: Management is horrible, girls are rude"

Former Employee - Hair Stylist says

"I worked at Ulta Beauty part-time Cons: micromanaged to the max! Yelled at for going to the bathroom."

Former Employee - Beauty Advisor says

"I worked at Ulta Beauty part-time for more than a year Cons: they paid little to nothing and expected you take on responsibilities not listed in the job description"

Current Employee - General Manager says

"I have been working at Ulta Beauty full-time Cons: Their is no happy work life balance, you have to take a lot of work home with you. Ultas technology is way behind from other stores I work with. We receive tons of emails you have to answer a day. They asks so much task of you but still want you to be on the sales floor."

Former Employee - Visual Merchandising Manager says

"I worked at Ulta Beauty full-time for more than a year Cons: You like the movie Mean Girls....Thats work life at Ulta Beauty."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Ulta Beauty full-time for more than a year Cons: If you like high school and all the drama this is the place for you."

Former Employee - Hair Stylist says

"I worked at Ulta Beauty part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Too “Caty” , never can do enough sales/ revenue to make management happy. If you leave 30 min after your scheduled shift due to adding on services, you get yelled at that you need to manage your time better and that you are not good enough."

Barbara Anne says

"Worst of the worst customer service. Needed to modify my old shipping address that the order went thru with. I got in touch with customer service THREE minutes after submitting. Refused to modify the address or cancel the order or refund. This is unacceptable for an order placed 3 minutes prior. Lost a customer."

Stephanie Garcia says

"The worst of the worst customer service. I entered a shipping address and billing address. My order was still shipped to an old address. Ulta customer service refused to send me a replacement or refund me, despite “conferring with a supervisor”. I even did my part by going to the previous address to check on it. It wasn’t at the door. They lost a customer. I can get products elsewhere."

Janette Tenille says

"I placed an order and two weeks later still no tracking update and no package. They are refusing to refund my order. Customer service is rude and give you the run around. They wouldn’t let me talk to a manager told me i would have to wait for a call back on a 200 dollar order."

Angela Gaudet says

"Terrible customer service. Ordered $200 worth of items online and NEVER received my package. Because the delivery driver said they left the package ULTA refused to refund or resend my order. I filed a complaint with ULTA and the horrible delivery service they use. The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’d leave zero stars but that’s not an option."

Nicole says

"Never shopping ulta again have been a loyal customer spent tons of money in this store I just went to use a balance on my gift card and it was showing 0$ which is incorrect. I contacted the back of the card after going back and forth with 6 customer service reps one whom was the nastiest person I’ve ever spoke to they kept transferring me back and forth saying they couldn’t help. I just scratched off the pin NEVER used the balance and they told me they just see the card was used and CLOSED and cannot tell me for how much so they cannot see if there was a balance left. Basically they’re gift cards expire so I have $ left that is going in the garbage! Bye ulta"

Goldangeleat says

"Bad service. The cashier was angry at me for not giving her my phone number to apply to their rewards program. I politely refused, but she insisted 5 times before throwing the receipt at me for not giving it to her till the end."

Goldie Turner says

"I wish I would’ve read these reviews first... everything was going swimmingly until the day I was supposed to be delivered my order. My tracking info was updated to show that my package was sent back to the sender due to damages. I waited a couple days for any kind of communication from ULTA about what was going on, if I would be getting a refund, anything. I heard nothing. I reach out to them and they tell me they won’t issue my refund until after they receive the damaged product back. Excuse me? I’m without product and money because you insufficiently packed your product when shipping? This place is crazy. Learned my lesson and I’ll never take this chance again."

Mary says

"I recently moved cities. I placed my order to get my usual skin care and accidentally put it to ship, which I had not changed. I noticed that same day about my mistake and called to cancel because Ulta does not have the option to cancel on their app. All they said was that they could not help me and to contact the now owner of my old place to have them ship it back. Yes, you heard that right! They told me to contact the now owner of my previous place to have them ship it back to them so that I could get my refund!! I do not know who lives there now but wow, thanks for nothing Ulta!"

Pissed says

"Minus 100 they do not take debit cards and there excuse us your trying to steal pathetic scumbags"

Shane Fontenot says

"This store is a joke first of all went 3 different times when I had gotten emails for free gifts if you buy certain things every time they didn’t have any guess the workers keep them for them self went to to spend $500 and some puppet ass kid ask were was my mask I don’t wear mask so I went spend my money across the street f—k you ulta"

Dee Chambers says

"I went to make my first purchase with them online and with purchasing $250 worth of product from them I seen the advertisement I'm getting 20% off with the approval of a credit card that I could apply to this order so I applied for the credit card and I was approved however I did not get 20% off and I was not able to use the card the same day I called them about it and they were rude and unhelpful and said that I could only use the card once I receive it in the mail by the time I receive the card the sale would be over and he said oh well needless to say I did not make the purchase I will never purchase items from them I closed the credit card account hours after opening it and found the items somewhere else for a lot cheaper so do yourself a favor do not shop at ulta go somewhere else"

Nicki says

"Was placing a pick up in store order and had to step away from my computer. When I returned it made me log in again ad it reset everything so it went through as a mail order. Being in need of my stuff cause I'm almost out, I called them immediately to ask if they could fix it and I got the "Oh sorry we can't alter anything for you once order is placed." So I asked them to just cancel it so I could place another order to pick up at the store. "Oh well we can put through a cancellation request but can't guarantee it." Yeah I'll buy my Bare Minerals straight from them from now on. They just lost a very long time customer."

Sharon Grace Grimes says

"Ulta is having a Dior fragrance special, however they expect you to purchase without smelling it as you (or even them) are not allowed to touch a display. I can however touch the door handle to get in and other products.... just not the display. The sales person told me to purchase it and then immediately return the item if I didn’t like it. So that means they are possibly selling returned items that in their eyes are contaminated? No logic. Big WOW."

Warren Elwood says

"Wow, I really should have listened to the reviews on this site. I wish a 0 were possible. They refuse to offer refunds or reshipments for pretty much any situation. I had a pretty standard problem where the address on the shipment got inputted incorrectly, so I never received my package. This obviously is my fault, but nowadays most companies will be pretty understanding towards a problem like this. What really adds to the ridiculousness of the situation is that it was a TEN DOLLAR ORDER! They only care about money and once you pay them, they honestly don't even care if you are happy with their product at all. Buy from them at your own risk."

Kyle Brewer says

"Probably the most unprofessional business I’ve ever encountered. The district managers, the recruiters they are horrible. I won’t go into the horrible things they’ve done. I will never step foot in another one."

Yaya says

"Customer service at Ulta is a joke. I have emails to prove their lack or care and their lack of ability to help a customer. I purchase big amounts each time, its money well earned and I used to love Ulta but no more online orders. They are terrible, don't care about customers, they only want your money. 30 days to find a mail in return MY GOSH!!! People save your money and go anywhere else for online shopping. Ulta desperately needs to have a customer 101 with their online customer service team."

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